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Meet Boris Acevedo of KB Media


Boris Acevedo, also known as (King Borris) has taken the podcast industry by storm with his innovative method of interviewing living legends such as the beautiful CeCe Peniston and hip-hop legend Ralph McDaniels, along with many others on his top-rated show the KB Experiment.  Acevedo has a way of helping his guest feel at home as they speak about everything under the sun.  We all know that before the sun there is darkness, but Boris has a soul that knows how to make the sun shine through the darkest of storms as he is a natural at harnessing optimism and strength from life’s good and bad experiences, thus transforming that energy into greatness. 


Having a very positive outlook on life was not always easy for Boris early on.  He was born October 10, 1980 in Queens, New York.  Acevedo was raised by an industrious and devoted single mother who worked multiple jobs to provide for Boris and his two siblings.  Raising three children and working multiple jobs became onerous for his mother, so his elder brother of five years, Vladimir stepped up to help their mother in the raising of Boris and their younger sister. During this period Boris increasingly experienced some extremely harsh times in his life. King Borris was headed down a very destructive path as his life was spiraling out of control. He evaded the police twice and it took a life changing event forcing Boris to see the damage he was causing to his family. At that moment, he changed his mindset and took immediate action by venturing out of Elizabeth, New Jersey, embarking upon a new journey of healing and understanding. His new found journey led him to Houston, TX in 2014.


The move to Houston, TX afforded Acevedo the opportunity to change his life into a positive direction and he didn’t take the opportunity God presented him with for granted. He has been married to his beautiful and loving wife Kathy for over 15 years and they have three awesome children together. The life lessons Acevedo has experienced molded him into a man of great character, integrity and good morals. Borris and Kathy instilled these great qualities in all of their children.


Boris Acevedo has relayed all the passion, love and undying respect for family into the foundation of his businesses and these qualities are profoundly felt during every episode of his podcast the KB Experiment.  Acevedo created the KB Experiment due to the genuine love he has for people and wanting to see everyone win.  His goal with his podcast is to allow listeners to hear stories from successful guests who have experienced similar struggles as the listeners, but somehow made it through. Through these impactful stories they will feel that anything is possible and become motivated to push on forward to their breakthrough.


Acevedo has also created KB Media which is a 360-degree online media company assisting clients with connecting all the gaps with anything concerning online business.  Boris continues on with his theme to see everyone win with KB Mentor Space. Boris mentors business owners or potential business owners one on one on how to run a social media business, rebranding and keeping the reputation of their company in a positive direction.

Written by 

Avery Washington

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