Fumeroism in Houston

Fumero is an international street and post contemporary artist based out of New York City. His fine grafstract is at the core of his Fumeroism art. His work can be seen all over New York City in public spaces, large murals, business roll up gates, doors and world famous restaurants.  His work has been published in magazines and newspaper articles, documentaries, street art books, featured in music videos, television shows and blogged about on extensively.  He is active exhibiting his paintings in galleries in NY, Chicago and Miami. Fumero has brought his widely recognizable brand of Fumeroism beyond the borders of the five boroughs of NY painting murals in Miami, Chicago, Detroit, Berlin, London, Brazil, Italy and Spain. 

How They Met

Owner of KB Media and The host of The KB Experiment Podcast.

Boris Met Fumero in 2012 on the east coast. They crossed paths under unrelated circumstances but due to their deep understanding of the art world, based on specific art supplies it was obvious that Fumero was an artist. Not just a regular artist but a street style artist. Boris noticed a bag of spray paint caps that Fumero dropped, the rest is history.

King Borris has been In the business, music and arts world since he was a teenager. Boris was born in Queens NY and moved to Elizabeth NJ. He moved to Houston in 2014 where he Met Danielle owner of Art Binsters in 2021. Danielle has a deep and long lasting history in the Houston art community. Being an artist herself she understand the personally how important art is to the world. She was able to find a 100ft long wall in downtown Houston. This lead to a collaboration that was focused on bringing Fumero to Houston. The city of Houston has been a heavy supporter of many different types of art for many years during the revitalization of the downtown Houston area. Watching these changes happening over the years, when Boris and Danielle meet it theirs love for art and their skill set in communications and business lead to this projects beginning with in 24 hours.

Binsters art gallery

Located in the first ward art district of Houston, at the front of the silos; Artbinsters mission is to serve as a resource for the artist community and anyone who has an interest in the arts.

We welcome local artist in need of help finding supplies, sparking creativity, collaboration, or assistance in their endeavors and letting visitors know who they are and where to find them.

We welcome visitors and will assist with information on the area, the artist and evolving Houston art community.

We have a basic supply of new and used art supplies, books and other special finds.

We accept donations of supplies for repurposing and items on consignment as well.

Thank you for taking the time to show interest in this project.

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Project Location

Location - downtown houston
Date - TBA